About ic language

ic language ltd is a language learning and teaching software publisher based in South Wales in the United Kingdom. We are seeking to bring you something new, exiting and really good in the world of online language provision.

Our company is made up of a language teacher and a designer / software person who does the coding and makes the tea.

ic language publish free language learning web apps for French, German, English EFL ESL, Spanish, Italian and Welsh.

Screenshot of the French lesson 'Either - or' at french-games.net

Each web app provides a full set of tutorials, games and tests to help children and adults to learn and practice their language online and become profficient speakers at a simple level. All the language we provide has been carefully tailored to the curriculum for that language here in the UK. New languages are being added on a regular basis. Our most recent additions are Russian and Irish.

We have also recently published "Free Maths Games", a web app for learning and teaching maths at primary/elementary and early secondary levels. You can check out this resource at free-maths.games.

Screenshot of the maths lesson for Scale factors at free-maths.games

ic language ltd is a public limited company established in 2005.

ic language ltd
24 Clifton Street
Aberdare CF44 7PB

Company Number: 05341825