Teach German teaching games

Use our whole class games to reinforce the German your pupils have been studying.


  1. To access a game simply select it from the Games sign at the top of the interface.
  2. If there are custom label texts available for your selected topic, you will be offered the chance to use the custom labels rather than the default labels. This will only happen if you have selected to show help texts on the settings page.

Games currently available


All picture based games can be played in a variety of ways. Examples include:

  1. Naming the picture ( noun plus article)
  2. Phrases / sentence related to the pictures
  3. Revise grammar points e.g. students say the word in the plural form, or with the correct article, or in a sentence related to the picture in a specific tense, or as a question, or as a negative sentence, etc.
  4. A number of sentences for each picture, etc.

In many games, winning is signalled by the appearance of your selected character dancing to music. Click on the character to switch the music off / on.

Mix and match game

Mix and match is a simple game of matching pictures to texts. Teams compete to win a given number of points by dragging the picture block into the correct storage box.

Mix_and_match game to teach German

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Pelmanism game

Classic memory game usually played individually with a pack of cards. In our version of Pelmanism, instead of playing cards each cell is occupied by a picture from a selected topic, and it is a team game.

Pelmanism game to teach German

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Four in a row game

Commonly played on paper between 2 players. In our 'Four in a row', teams compete to name pictures and win cells trying to get 4 of their symbols in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Four_in_a_row game to teach German

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Hangman game

Great old game played on paper between 2 players. In our Hangman, the whole class plays against the computer, or in teams against each other.

Hang_the_man game to teach German

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Across the honeycomb game

Blockbuster style whole class game for 2 teams. Teams are attempting to make a path of their honeycomb cells across the board by naming or describing the pictures.

Across_the_honeycomb game to teach German

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Guess my number game

One person thinks of a number within a given range and the rest of the class must guess it... The game can be played in teams or with no scoring as individuals.

Guess_my_number game to teach German

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Lotto game

Pupils play individually. Each selects a set of pictures and writes down their names. The pictures are hidden then randomly revealed - pupils tick off their pictures and the first to tick off all their pictures shouts 'LOTTO' to win the round.

Lotto game to teach German

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Pick a number game

Teams take it in turns to reveal a picture behind a number selected from a grid. They must and or describe the picture in the target language to win points.

Pick_a_number game to teach German

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Picture reveal game

A topic picture is hidden then gradually revealed a piece at a time by clearing number tiles. Teams or individuals compete by attempting to name the picture before it is completely exposed.

Picture_reveal game to teach German

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Serpents and steps game

Our snakes and ladders whole class game - up to 4 teams roll dice and climb the path avoiding the snakes and climbing the ladders. Exiting game that ends a class on a high!

Serpents_and_steps game to teach German

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