Teach German teaching activities

Teach German : Introduce the target language

Teach German : Interactive whole class Writing activity for the IWB

Teach German : Whole class Picture mixer activity

Teach German contains three whole class MFL activities for introducing target German prior to playing the games. These teaching activities are designed to be both fun and motivating for your German learners, and can be used in a variety of ways to stimulate and enthuse your MFL students. To try any of these activities and for more info on how to use them, click an activity below.

Using the Activities

  1. To access an activity simply click on the Activities sign at the top of the interface.
  2. If there are custom label texts available for your selected topic, you will be offered the chance to use the custom labels rather than the default labels when you leave the settings page.

Tips and ideas

These activities can be used in a variety of ways. Examples include:

  1. Naming the picture ( noun plus article)
  2. Phrases / sentence related to the pictures
  3. Revise grammar points e.g. students say the word in the plural form, or with the correct article, or in a sentence related to the picture in a specific tense, or as a question, or as a negative sentence, etc.
  4. A number of sentences for each picture, etc.

Introducing the language activity

Introducing the language has flashcards, annotation tools and on-screen keyboards. Use it to introduce new target language, to review language, to play simple games, etc.

Introducing_the_language activity to teach German

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Write right activity

Write right, is a beautifully simple activity for introducing or reviewing the written language in the MFL classroom. Texts are displayed in topics and can be manipulated and saved (subscription only)

Write_right game to teach German

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The picture mixer activity

The picture mixer combines tools for adding and grouping topic pictures and texts with annotation and background images.

The_picture_mixer game to teach German

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