Introducing the language lesson to teach
Family - members in German

With this German Introduction to the language lesson for Family - members you can teach Family - members in German in a few easy steps. The German you will teach in this introduction consists of 10 :

1die Muttermother
2der Vaterfather
3die Schwestersister
4der Bruderbrother
5die Omagrandmother
6der Opagrandfather
7die Tanteaunt
8der Onkeluncle
9die Cousinefemale cousin
10der Cousinmale cousin

Introducing the language can be used in a variety of ways. Use it to introduce new target language, to review language, to play simple games, etc. Introducing the language has flashcards, annotation tools and on-screen keyboards. Introducing the language is designed to be used in conjunction with 3 stage questioning.

Teach German with teach-german-activity-introducing-the-language at

Introducing the language is suitable for both secondary and primary teaching of MFL.

The Introducing the language module can be used in two ways:

  1. To introduce new target language or revise target language orally.
  2. To introduce or revise the written word/language either typed or hand-written.


How to use Introducing the language

Use the switch screen buttons at bottom right to switch between flashcards, writing and typing views

View screen

This is the flashcard view: large image, simple navigation and language controls.

Introducing the language game to teach german

Switch the visible text on or off using the T button.
Switch speech on or off using the speaker button.
Use the arrows to move between pictures, or click on a thumbnail. The thumbnails can be hidden or revealed using the small white arrow at center right of the screen.

Write screen

On the Write screen, use handwriting to introduce or reinforce the written form. The handwriting tools include Pen and Eraser tools, as well as simple shapes and lines.

Introducing the language game to teach german

To use a tool, select it in the tool palette, then click and drag in the area above. Change the colour for a tool by clicking within the colour palette - the selected colour will appear in the circle. Use the Clear button (red diagonal cross on white) to clear all annotations in the writing area.

Type screen

To access the on-screen keyboard, click on the keyboard button at bottom right of the page.
Clicking on a letter on the on-screen keyboard will type that letter in lower case into the Text area. To type a capital letter, first engage the Caps lock (vertical arrow button) - the key icon will fill to indicate Cap lock on, and letters will be typed as capitals until the Caps lock key is clicked again.

Introducing the language game to teach german

Typed letters can be deleted individually using the Backspace key.
The Clear button (red diagonal line on white) erases all typing in the Text area.
The Select all button (double headed red arrow) selects all text in the Text area.
The Colour buttons set the colour of selected text, or if no text is selected, of the text background.
You can copy and paste text between the text area and other text files/sources using standard keyboard shortcuts.


  • Your physical keyboard can be used to enter letters into the writing box.
  • Click in the text area and type in the normal manner using your physical keyboard.
  • To return to using the on-screen keyboard, simply select a letter on the screen as normal.
  • It is important to check where the insert carat is before typing with either keyboard.
  • Letters can also be deleted using standard keyboard keys.
  • Some characters are blocked and will not appear in the Text area - this is for security reasons - examples include brackets, asterix, hash, etc.


Select the topic you would like to use by clicking the "Change topic" button.

Choose to introduce all the items in a topic at once, or just the first or second half of the topic.

The Flashcard screen shows a large picture plus simple navigation controls. You can show or hide the text and select to play the audio or not.
The Write screen allows for on-screen drawing and writing with simple drawing tools.
The Type screen offers a German on-screen keyboard with text area - you can paste other texts into this area and edit them too.

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