Teach Family - members in English
with the Lotto whole class teaching game

With our Lotto game for "Family - members" you will be teaching the English vocabulary for the topic Family - members. The language you will teach is in the vocabulary list below, and consists of 10 .

9female cousinfemale cousin
10male cousinmale cousin

Teach English FREE with the game Lotto

Lotto is a generic name for a series of games where players choose a subset from a larger group of elements. Subsequently the elements are selected randomly and displayed. Players tick off those elements they have chosen until one player has ticked off all their elements - often they call out a phrase such as 'Lotto' or 'Bingo' when this occurs to claim that round. Mix and match is one of 10 FREE whole class games to teach English at iclanguage.com.

Teach English with teach-english-game-lotto at iclanguage.com

The game is played like this. Pupils play individually. A topic is shown on screen. Each pupil selects a given number of pictures and writes down their names / a sentence for those pictures. The pictures are hidden then randomly revealed - pupils tick off their pictures and the first to tick off all their pictures shouts 'LOTTO' to win that round.

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How to use Lotto to teach English

Lotto game to teach english

  1. Choose 9 pictures from the 20 you see on the screen (or 4 from 10 or 2 from 5).
  2. Write down their names in the language you are learning.
  3. When everyone has written down their words, one person clicks on the arrow button to hide the pictures.
  4. Now click on the star button to reveal the pictures one at a time and take it in turns to name them.
  5. Tick off the names on your paper as they are called out.
  6. When you have ticked off all your names, shout "Lotto!" to win the game.
  7. You can review the help language by clicking on the question mark button on any picture.


This game is a form of Bingo played in the target language with simple nouns or short phrases.
This game is played by individual learners not teams.
To win the game, a player must tick off all the names / phrases written on their sheet. The number of items to write down / tick off is up to the discretion of the teacher / class.


Select the topic you would like to use by clicking the 'Change topic' button.

Select the number of pictures you would like to show.
You can choose to show all the pictures in a topic or to show / teach only the first 5 / 10 initially and the second 5 / 10 at a later stage.

Select whether to use on-screen help buttons while playing the game.
Four options are available:

  • No help switches off the help button: it does not appear on the game page.
  • Text only will show the English label for the topic selected when clicked.
  • Speech only will play the English talk file for the selected topic when clicked.
  • Text and speech will both show the English text and play the speech file.

The help buttons appear on the game page as a question mark in the corner of each picture.

There is no scoring since pupils play individually.

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