Teach Family members in English
with the Hangman teaching game

Revise Family members with Hangman individual pupil revision game

With our Hang the man game for "Family - members" you will be teaching the English vocabulary for the topic Family - members. The language you will teach is in the vocabulary list below, and consists of 10 .

9female cousinfemale cousin
10male cousinmale cousin

Our hangman game can be played with 2 teams, or against the computer. You can teach with hangman FREE with any of 56 different primary topics or with 58 different secondary topics.

Teach English with teach-english-game-hangman at iclanguage.com

Hang the man can be played between two teams or with the whole class guessing words or phrases chosen by the computer in the current topic. The game is fully animated with skies darkening when letters are guessed incorrectly and a very funny animation playing if the word or phrase is guessed correctly. Special characters are supplied as part of the on-screen keyboard.

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How to use Hang the man to teach Family members in English

Hang the man game to teach english

The word team selects the number of letters and spaces in their word or phrase. The other team tries to guess letters in the word or phrase. If the letter is present, click the letter on the letter pad, and then click the appropriate cells in the word box. If the letter isn't in the word, click on the blue X button.
Against Teach Online:
Teach Online selects a text from the current topic. The whole class works as a team to try to guess the word or phrase by clicking on letters. If the letter is present, all instances of it will be filled in by Teach Online. Continue until the class guesses the text, or the character is hung.


Only click on a picture cell once a student or team has both indicated the number of the cell targeted and correctly named the picture in that cell. Once a cell has been claimed by a team, it cannot be reverted to its picture in that round. Pictures are distributed randomly each time the game is played.


Current topic
Click on 'Change topic' to select a different topic to use (Against Teach Online only).

Select which picture labels in the topic to use (Against Teach Online only).

Choose between Standard and Against Teach Online.


Scoring is not enabled in this game.

Additional Note

In this game, winning is signalled by the appearance of your selected character dancing to music.
Click on that character to switch the music off / on.
If the character has been hung, you can switch off the 'boing' sound by clicking on the character.

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