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Revise Family members with Hangman individual pupil revision game

With our Across the honeycomb game for "Family - members" you will be teaching the English vocabulary for the topic Family - members. The language you will teach is in the vocabulary list below, and consists of 10 .

9female cousinfemale cousin
10male cousinmale cousin

Based on the TV game 'Blockbusters', Across the honeycomb is a language teaching whole class game for MFL. Two teams attempt to win a string of cells across the board by naming pictures in the target language. Across the honeycomb is one of 10 FREE whole class games to teach English at iclanguage.com.

Teach English with teach-english-game-across-the-honeycomb at iclanguage.com

The game starts with a grid of honeycomb cells containing numbers. Teams take it in turns to click on a number - a picture is revealed from the selected topic - the team must name or describe the picture in the target language to win that cell. If the class decides the language was acceptable, the team can click on the tick to claim that cell.

If a team gets a string of linking cells across the board, they win that round. A point is scored for each tick, with a point deducted by clicking on the cross. The language (speech and text) for a picture is available by clicking on the question mark once a picture is revealed.

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How to use Across the honeycomb to teach
Family - members in English

Across the honeycomb game to teach english

  1. Click a cell number to reveal a picture.
  2. If you can name that picture, click your team's 'tick' button - the picture will turn your team colour, and your team will be awarded a point.
  3. If you can't name the picture, click your team's 'cross' button - a point will be deducted from your team's score.
  4. Each time the game is played, the topic pictures are distributed randomly and so the order of the pictures will be different on each occasion.
  5. If a team fails to win a cell and the picture is hidden again, the next time that cell is clicked, a different picture will be displayed.


One way to play the game is like this: one team chooses a honeycomb - someone clicks on that honeycomb to reveal a picture - the first person to stand up is allowed to name the picture. If they are correct, that student's team wins the honeycomb.

Only two teams are possible with this game.

To win the game, a team must create a continuous chain of honeycombs in their colour across the full width of the board.


Select the topic you would like to use by clicking the 'Change topic' button.

Select whether to use on-screen help buttons while playing the game.
Four options are available:

  • No help switches off the help button: it does not appear on the game page.
  • Text only will show the English label for the topic selected when clicked.
  • Speech only will play the English talk file for the selected topic when clicked.
  • Text and speech will both show the English text and play the speech file.

The help buttons appear on the game page as a question mark in the corner of each picture.

The game is played with 2 teams.

In this game scores are added automatically when a 'tick' or 'cross' button are clicked.
Teams start with ten points each.
A correct answer wins one point. An incorrect answer deducts one point from that team's score.
Crossing the honeycomb automatically awards the winning team ten additional points.

Additional Note
In this game, winning is signalled by the appearance of your selected character dancing to music.
Click on that character to switch the music off / on.

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