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Spanish Games is a free and easy to use system for learning Spanish for kids and young adults.

Spanish Games has lessons, games and tests for over 50 beginner and 50 intermediate Spanish topics including audio for all texts.
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Select a topic at https://www.spanish-games.net?variant=latino-spanish web app
Select a topic at https://www.spanish-games.net?variant=latino-spanish web app
Choose a game at https://www.spanish-games.net?variant=latino-spanish web app

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Teach Spanish is a complete teaching product with lessons and whole class games...more info
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iclanguage.com is a free and easy to use resource for teaching and learning Spanish and six other European languages. It is full of high quality but fun resources to help you with your Spanish.

Teach Spanish is a free Spanish teaching resource designed for teachers needing high quality whole class activities and games to teach Spanish at school on the interactive whiteboard or in a computer suite. You can choose either primary/elementary or intermediate level topics that match those at Spanish Games. There are 12 whole class games plus 3 teaching activities - "Introducing the language", "The picture mixer" and "Write right".

Spanish Games is designed to help children and young adults learning Spanish and offers both lessons, games and tests to help that process. As a learner, you can select between beginner topics (56 topics available with 10 items in each) or intermediate topics (59 topics available with 20 items in each). You can also view the Vocabulary pages for Spanish.

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